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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…. the list goes on! But what is right for your business? Which platforms are going to help you and your customers? We look closley at how your clients use social media, and are therefore able to advise on which platforms are best suited to your particular business requirements.

Social media can be used as a fantastic tool to build your brand. By building a social media following you can reach a wide audience which in turn helps provide traffic to your website and even improve your SEO, you even have the chance of a campaign going viral! Social media is certainly a tool to be used for increasing sales in both the short, and the long term.

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Perform Online is a specialist Online Marketing Consultancy, helping our customers to understand the best ways in which to promote their business’ online. Through one, or a combination of your website, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click and social media, we can help drive your online presence to the next level.

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Website Design

Does your website meet modern standards? Is it really helping your business? We can help you understand who is using your website, and how they are using it, so that we can give you the right advise on how to move it forward.


What is SEO? How can it help you as a business? The world of SEO is full of differing opinions, we can help you understand which aspects of SEO will work best for your business.


Pay-Per-Click can ensure that you are getting the right people to visit your website. You can control your spend and closely monitor the results.

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